André A.P. Marques

Artist and Game Developer


Commissions INFO

Can Draw:
  • Original Character (OC), Fanart;
  • Humans (girl/boy/whatever… any age);
  • Chibi;
  • Anthro/Furry;
  • Manga/Anime*;
  • Cartoon*.

*Know that I have my own style to draw Cartoon and Manga/Anime characters.

Can’t / Won’t Draw:
  • NSFW (suggestive is ok, under specific conditions);
  • Mecha;
  • Gore;
  • Realistic / Semi-Realistic;
  • Animals (can make some exceptions).

Commission Order Process

  1. First, choose the type of commission available (ex: Potrait, Full Body);
  2. Then fill the commission form with all the information I need too know about the piece;
  3. If I accept, you will need to pay the full price in advance so I can continue. I will send you a PayPal invoice to your e-mail;
  4. During the sketch, I'll be sending you the progress in real time. So you can ask for alterations and adjustments to the piece's composition and overall style (after the sketch is done, you won't be able to ask for alterations anymore);
  5. When done, I will send you the full artwork with and without the signature through a 'cloud folder' link (such as MEGA/ Google Drive).

Payments: PayPal Only

You can pay from your account or with your credit card. I’ll send you an e-mail so you can make the payment.

Deadlines, Rules & Conditions

  • I can always refuse orders;
  • My deadline* is about 2-4 weeks for each commission announcement (1 to 5 pieces);
  • No refunds! If you cancel the order during it’s progress (before I send you the final art), you can ask for half the payment back (minus taxes);
  • Be aware of my drawing and coloring style, I will just make changes during the sketch (and final touch if possible).

    *I'll notify you if I ever need to change the deadline during the process.

  • Personal use only. If it’s for commercial purposes tell me first!
  • You can repost it anywhere, but I’ll be able to post in my galleries as well (therefore I can make some exceptions). Just don’t claim it as made by yourself, please no;
  • Optional: If you want to help me, just credit the image as done by me in every post you do. You have my thanks! :D