André A.P. Marques

Artist and Game Developer


Commissions INFO

Can Draw:
  • Original Character (OC), Fanart;
  • Humans (girl/boy/whatever… any age);
  • Chibi;
  • Anthro/Furry;
  • Manga/Anime*;
  • Cartoon*.

*Know that I have my own style to draw Cartoon and Manga/Anime characters.

Can’t / Won’t Draw:
  • NSFW (suggestive is ok, under specific conditions);
  • Mecha;
  • Gore;
  • Realistic / Semi-Realistic;
  • Animals (can make some exceptions).

Commission Order Process

  1. First, choose the type of commission available (ex: Potrait, Full Body);
  2. Then fill the commission form with all the information I need too know about the piece.
  3. If I accept, I’ll send you a sketch, or invite you to see a live streaming of me doing it;
  4. Accepting my sketch, you need to pay half of the commission before I start the next step.*
  5. I’ll tell you when it’s done and show a low-res preview, then you need to pay the rest to receive the full image file.

*If the order is just a sketch or a lineless art, you need to pay the full price before I start (for sketch commissions I will always do a clean up to look good).

Payments: PayPal Only

You can pay from your account or with your credit card. I’ll send you an e-mail so you can make the payment.

Deadlines, Rules & Conditions

  • I can always refuse orders;
  • My deadline* is about 2-4 weeks for each commission announcement (1 to 5 pieces);
  • No refunds! If you cancel the order during it’s progress, you won’t need to pay the rest;
  • Be aware of my drawing and coloring style, I will just make changes during the sketch (and final touch if possible).

    *I'll notify you if I ever need to change the deadline during the process.

  • Personal use only. If it’s for commercial purposes tell me first!
  • You can repost it anywhere, but I’ll be able to post in my galleries as well (therefore I can make some exceptions). Just don’t claim it as made by yourself, please no;
  • Optional: If you want to help me, just credit the image as done by me in every post you do. You have my thanks! :D