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Announcement for Tapas readers (if there's any)

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Hello people :D
APM here!

Sooo, I have this habit of appearing and disappearing from time to time (it happens irl too), but I always have an explanation why (even being emotional issues :P). The explanation now is that I’m trying to organize my life (and I’m too lazy to work on anything during it).

Summarizing: I came back from my travel to Toronto, Canada (that didn’t end like I expected), went to resume my year in an Advertising College and got a internship in an Advertising Agency. The problem is… I didn’t want any of this. I was just pushing myself to finish this year doing what my family expected me to do when returning. Thank god, the year is ending >.<

In the meantime I tried to find some alternatives to my current situation, and I’m feeling positive that maybe I found something good to put my life on the track I wanted. So, next year I’ll be joining another college for a graduation in Digital Games, I’ll probably won’t be able to keep in the current internship, but I definitely need to raise some money to help my parents pay the course (at least it’s not as expensive as the art colleges in Canada), so I have some options: Make some profit out of my personal projects, make art commissions or find another regular job for now.

About my projects (yes, I will continue them… eventually), I want to focus in the Sky Travelers instead of doing a bunch of things at the same time. For this reason I’m reworking the storyline and practicing some new art techniques so I can provide a solid story with a consistent art style. Another change to the series is: I’m going to adapt the panels for Tapas/webcomic format instead of doing it in a manga format, for a better reading experience.

At last, I will still update Stones in my Way, Reflection and Extra Stuff from time to time, but I will focus in developing the Sky Travelers. To tell the truth, I don’t think I’ll be able to upload something this year, but I am looking forward to keep my series running in 2018.

Sorry for disappearing all the time and being lazy ;-;
I wish you Happy Holidays :D

Bonus: A cover I made for the Sky Travelers (that I'm going to do all over again too)

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